Project Description

Project description

Tomahawk is a paintball balls brand with over 20 years of experience in the production of various types of balls for all kinds of game.

The main goal was to renew the graphic image of the packaging, as well as to create a base template to create a brand-specific pattern.

Project details

Client: Tomahawk

Sector: Entertainment

Agency: Agência da Marca, 2018

Old Packaging

Finest Old Packaging
Competition Old Packaging
Classic Old Packaging
Field Old Packaging
Winter Old Packaging
Zero Green Old Packaging
Zero Pink Old Packaging
Zero Orange Old Packaging
Zero Yellow Old Packaging

Base Template

Tomahawk Template

front view

Finest New Packaging

Tomahawk Finest New packaging
Finest logo

For more experienced players.
Top of the range Tomahawk for tournament performance with fast shooting performance.
Extremely brittle on impact, while sturdy inside the marker.

Competition New Packaging

Tomahawk Competition New packaging
Competition logo

Probably the best paintball ball already manufactured according to the specifications of the best players in Europe.

Classic New Packaging

Tomahawk Classic New packaging
Classic logo

Widely used by tournament players that require a high quality ink and resistant to quick markers.

Winter New Packaging

Tomahawk Winter New packaging
Winter logo

Recognized as the best winter ball in Europe, Tomahawk Winter uses only the best technology and ingredients against winter difficulties.
The Winter formula brings guaranteed performance at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius.

Field New Packaging

Tomahawk Field New packaging
Field logo

100% guaranteed for field and recreational use.
Known as the most reliable field range in Europe for the last 5 years in a row.

Zero New Packaging

Zero logo

The most versatile range available from the Tomahawk brand.
Range of recreational use, is better than many other brands positioned at much higher levels.
For all kinds of use, provided training, tournaments or high-level competitions.
It has the particularity of the box color be the color of ink inside the ball.

Tomahawk Zero Green New packaging
Tomahawk Zero Pink New packaging
Tomahawk Zero Orange New packaging
Tomahawk Zero Yellow New packaging

Project details

Client: Tomahawk

Sector: Entertainment

Agency: Agência da Marca, 2018